Our Movement

Trillions in buying power is shifting. Hispanic, black, asian, multi-racial, LBGTQ and female consumers are already a powerful, underserved market. Within the next few months, this group will shift to become the New Majority.

The way brands think has expired.

Businesses have a real decision: adapt or fade With this new majority, businesses using antiquated segments will find their brand lose relevance. The ethnic silos they target will empty. And they will increasingly fail to connect. Embrace the Total Market Brands destined to thrive will evolve to a Total Market approach. Their messages will speak to this New Majority. And they will tap its full buying power in the process. REFRAME: accelerates your transition As the gatekeepers to a Total Market approach, REFRAME: accelerates readiness for brands of all sizes. Our proprietary platform of assessment, training and certification is unlike anything the business world has seen before. And it allows us to seamlessly reconstruct business, products and practices into a branded bedrock that carries the weight of the Total Market.