Our Thinking

REFRAME: is a business acceleration platform for brands and businesses looking to prepare for the New Majority. What separates us is our unique approach to solving enterprise business problems – known as Total Market Enterprise™ transformation (TME).


Given the macro consumer shift that’s happening in the world today, brands and businesses are struggling with how to prepare and meet marketplace demands for their enterprise organization and external partners. Since the 1930s most brands and service providers focused on the mass consumer mindset within a very monoculture society. This can no longer continue because technology enables connectivity and access to Millennial consumers who do not live in separate spaces.

Within the $300B marketing and communications industry, businesses formed over the past 6 decades with service models to support the “general” market or the “multicultural” market places needs across marketing, media, sales, retail, talent management, product development, research and experience planning. Brands will no longer exist 10 years from now if they continue to organize their internal organization, resources and go-to-market model in the same manner.

Since the re-introduction of the Total Market industry vertical in 2010, brands and service providers struggle to make the transition from general market and multicultural to the total market industry. It is am emerging industry vertical with limited service providers offering value drive outcomes.

The market is changing and our platform helps businesses accelerate change both internally and externally and become New Majority ready.


Because brands and businesses have made decision for the past 60 years focused on the mass consumer, it’s pretty hard for brand and business leaders to understand where the gaps are within their organization. There is a lot to uncover from how brands evaluate and value the marketplace, ownership defining growth within the enterprise, organization structure, and talent and key partnerships to corporate strategy to systems.

Through our proprietary Total Market Enterprise™ assessment our advisors and consultants seek to better understand and provide counsel as to how to accelerate growth for your organization. Learning and development for the New Majority can be achieved as an individual or through a business enterprise.


Competing within the Total Market industry vertical and pursing a Total Market Enterprise™ organization change is not for the faint of heart. It is a required progression if brands want to remain relevant and increase brand value..

Through the Millward Brown Brand Cross-Cultural Index (BCCI) and the Total Market Enterprise™ Maturation Model, we understand where a brand is positioned externally and address gaps internally while helping brands accelerate their shift in becoming a New Majority Ready.