Become A Teacher

There is no way we can transform a $300 billion industry alone. If you have the right content and training skills, teaching the Total Market movement to top brands is the single best place to be.

Our mission is to help brands and businesses become new majority ready — and we can’t do it alone

Total Market Enterprise transformation starts with an assessment of the organization. Based on the outcome, we provide online or onsite training by creators who are passionate about what they do — people like you, your friends, and colleagues. Experience is required given the desired outcome for brands and businesses. If you’ve never been part of a Total Market Enterprise transition, don’t worry. We will help you and your organization through our advisory services, the community and education.


  • Market Sizing
  • Organization Design
  • New Majority Partnerships
  • Experience & Engagement
  • Big Data & Effectiveness

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can teach on REFRAME: The Lab?

Anyone with experience can teach an online or offline class. As long as your class adheres to our guidelines and open to published classes at REFRAME: The Lab.  

What's included in a REFRAME: The Lab class?

Our classes include a combination of video lessons and on-site facilitation. A typical class has around 30 minutes to 1 hour of video lessons. REFRAME: The Lab classes are all pre-recorded and self-paced.  

How can I earn money?

Our courses make you money. You set your own pricing for the class and we take a percentage of the revenue generated from the training class. Plus, you'll be compensated for new Members you bring to REFRAME: The Brand through our referral program.

Do you offer any resources for teachers?

Yes! We offer resources like the Trainer Handbook (coming 2016) to help you build a great class. We’re available for questions at

What is a Total Market Enterprise (TME) Certification?

Think of it as a really fun and engaging experience for large and small organizations to make better business decisions and impact their day-to-day work decisions. Our classes give business leaders the opportunity to learn skills by flexing their cultural and business muscles. To be successful, don’t teach in a white, stale conference room or jump on a plane to teach for two days in a non-stimulating environment. TME training is way easier than any other enterprise training platform.